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As a US poll reveals more men than women believe that they are destined to find their soul mate (74 per cent compared to 71 per cent), Nicolas explains: 'There are people you meet who, for no reason, you just share a strong connection with on a deeper level than anyone else you've ever known.'Whether you believe in a soul mate you've met in a past life or simply hope that there is someone out there who is meant just for you, there are some sure signs to tell if you've met a soul mate.' Here the relationship coach reveals what to look out for: 'Call it 'love at first sight' or just a moment of intuition, a lot of people know when they've found 'the one.''If you feel comfortable, energised and intimate with someone even though you've only just met them, there's a good chance the relationship will go the distance.''Relationships often fall apart when the two people try to change each other.

'Soul mates, however, accept one another (flaws and all) and when they step back see a partner they are very proud to be with.

Here at Soul Mates Dating we understand how difficult it can be to meet people and start new relationships when you are new to an area, have a full time career or a busy family life.

Online dating with Soul Mates Dating is a fantastic opportunity to put yourself back out there without having to leave the comfort of your office or home.

He says it's important not to give up or settle for anything less than you deserve, and stresses that everybody has a soul mate out there somewhere.

With that in mind, Nicolas has revealed 11 simple ways to tell if your partner is The One...

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Once upon a time, little girls were told fairy tales About handsome princes with magical kisses Who would ride up on a white stallion and whisk them away To the land called Happily Ever After. The white stallion was a beat-up old car And the prince turned out to be a jerk Happily Ever After seemed to be a never, Neverland.

Then one smart and sassy princess decided to do some research.

She discovered prayers, meditations, intentions and rituals Potent enough to manifest anything and everything her heart desired. Next she started a business and built a big, fun career.

Then she created a nonprofit and raised a million dollars for homeless women.

Finally she used all her manifestation tools to land a soul mate. And in the process she discovered that happily ever after is really possible after all.


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