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And while this may tend to mean the world ends up being filled with an awful lot of spoilt princesses, it also – with luck – means that those princesses will have a sufficiently well-developed inner core of self-esteem to protect them from the emotional bruisings they’re inevitably going to have from all those men out there who won’t love them quite so unreservedly as their fathers do.” But some fathers have no idea how to consistently demonstrate this love to their daughters – nor that it is essential they do this.The inner core of self-esteem to which Delingpole refers is built when a father consistently conveys in the way he interacts with his daughter that he sees, accepts, values and loves her.In fact, as parenting expert Steve Biddulph explains in his new book, article, “Rejoice, all you embarrassing dads: you’re doing a brilliant job”.

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For her healthy physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development, a girl needs a father who loves, accepts and respects her.

But those words coming from someone who knew my pain without knowing anything about me, or even who I was in a crowd, struck me. And here’s why: This makes love for a daddyless daughter look hopeless.

But I never realized how insanely detrimental and life-changing this absence would be.

I was maybe 14 or 15 at the time — an age when kids are well aware of their parents’ shortcomings. “You know your father; he likes to help people.” My dad did like to help people.

Still, years later, both my mother and I discovered that we didn’t know him all that well.


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