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The data also provides insight into the site’s usage patterns.

The number of newly registered users have declined in since 2012, while the number of inactive members reached its peak in 2014.

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This question reminds of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

As founder Bobby Henderson says: With millions, if not thousands, of devout worshippers, the Church of the FSM is widely considered a legitimate religion, even by its opponents””mostly fundamentalist Christians, who have accepted that our God has larger balls than theirs.

It will generally be found in the Security settings under "Internet Options" or "Preferences".

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Looking for something unique and fun for your next business event or social outing?won’t make the database of leaked information searchable, but did reveal some wider trends surrounding the breach.For example, in a search for most commonly used emails, the password 123456 ranked first.The number of affected accounts rivals that of the Yahoo email hack involving 500 million email addresses.While Ashley Madison offered a platform solely for extramarital affairs, Adult Friend Finder brands itself as a social network for romantic adults. According to, a researcher posted screenshots of the security vulnerabilities prior to the hack.


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