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Like any young writer, she shares many of the same traits of the primary "protagonist" of her story, Ebony (also known as Enoby, Ebomby, Evony, Ibiny, Ebpony, Eboby or Enony), but excluding the vampirism and magical powers.

But she still labels and distinguishes herself as a "goff", wrist cutter, Satanist, lover of Hot Topic and various mainstream punk/emo/goth/alternative genre bands, etc.

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Ebony Banks, a student from Alief Hastings in Texas nicknamed Ebob, has been out of school since a stage four diagnosis of cancer.

A study last year revealed more than 2,000 women a year are receiving labial reduction or reshaping operations on the NHS, with thousands more performed in the private sector at costs running into thousands of pounds.

Marinoff starred for the Crows with 20 disposals and six tackles in their 36-point win over Greater Western Sydney on Saturday.

Tara Gilesbie, writing as XXXbloodyrists666XXX, is the creator of My Immortal and its primary author. Last seen going on a vacation to England in mid-2007, possibly hunted down by actual vampires in order to force her to stop writing hilarious stories and ruining their name.

She once threatened the flamers that if they continued, her boyfriend Justin would 'bet' them up. Other friends include 'filly', real name possibly Phillipa, and 'medusa'.


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