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Professional relationships encourage communication between members, and between members and their superiors.This boosts morale, focuses on the mission at hand and preserves respect for authority.We both are doing something completely different from each other, but we still make time for each other. By that, I mean relationships involving someone in the military and someone who is not?I feel like it would be hard to find common ground because, whether people like it or not, our careers do take up a good portion of our lives.I have never been in a relationship before, especially not a long-distance one.

Your commander can take you to courts martial and he can also place an Art 15.Read more 06 April 2017 1,100 personnel and 48 aircraft from 7 NATO nations, including the RAF’s 31 Sqn “The Goldstars,” have descended on Leeuwarden Air Force Base in the Netherlands for the start of the two-week-long “FRISIAN FLAG” exercise.This uses a super-powerful microwave oven to generate a concentrated beam of energy which causes voltage surges in electronic equipment, rendering them useless before surge protectors have the chance to react.The Air Force and its work environments differ greatly from what you find in a civilian work environment, with missions involving difficult challenges, hardships and the potential for injury and even death.As such, unit cohesion, morale, good order, ​discipline and respect for authority are essential to mission success, and anything that might interfere with the interests of the Air Force.The Air Force defines a professional relationship this way: Professional relationships are those interpersonal relationships consistent with Air Force core values: integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do.


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