Alexandra chando dating zach roerig

The series has survived, although it does have lower ratings than before.

Will she ever return to the long-running series before it ends for good? Recently, executive producer Julie Plec discussed why Nina’s return couldn’t be confirmed. Fans were shocked and didn’t know how the show would go on.

Graham was born in Geneva, while her father was working as a journalist for the United Nations.

Graham’s father was a music executive and the godfather of two of Quincy Jones’ children, while her grandfather was a UN Ambassador, serving for 40 years in The Netherlands, Sweden, Romania, and Kenya.

However, she did not reveal any hints on the details.

Nola soon moved on from snooping to social climbing. Kelly Nelson would be her ticket out of working class life and resolved to win his affections.

Who cared that Kelly was smitten with innocent Morgan Richards?

Graham was born in Geneva, Switzerland and raised in Los Angeles, California.

Her father, Joseph, is Liberian, and her mother, Natasha, is Jewish of half Russian and half Polish ancestry.


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