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Angolan photographer Ngoi Salucombo is part of a growing urban cultural Angolan movement, which includes film-makers, musicians and writers, such as Mário Bastos, Aline Frazão, Kalaf Epalanga and Ondjaki.A number of these artists have started to make their mark on the South African cultural scene in recent years, especially in Cape Town.Using the socialist liberation slogan “A luta continua” –- “the struggle continues,” which is still found on buildings such as the Military Hospital of Luanda, Salucombo shows the contrasts of everyday life in Luanda, a city at the centre of Angola’s post-war growth but where most people’s daily lives have seen little improvement since the end of a decades long war.Among the photos on display is one of bare-foot children walking Luanda’s many untarred roads carrying water on their heads next to a construction site. The photos are accompanied by texts written by Angolan writer Ondjaki who put the distance between the city’s dwellers and its “owners” portrayed by Salucumbo into words.Since Unita effectively captured the region from Government forces last fall, it has used profits from wildcat diamond mining to fuel its war effort.

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The larger part of Angola’s income derives from oil production and by 2008 the country was Africa’s second largest producer of crude petroleum.

Angola is also the fourth largest producer of diamonds in Africa.

DUNDO, Angola— Until recently, the easternmost corner of Angola was largely isolated from the factional hostilities that have shattered much of this country.

But in the last few months the woes of Africa's longest-running war appear to have focused full force on the Lunda Norte region.


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