Blackberry contacts not updating wirelessly

Additional requirements and constraints may be found within the Black Berry Internet Service 2.8 documentation kit.This feature is not supported on Black Berry smartphones with Black Berry® Connect™ software.We’ll use your existing Microsoft account or connect Outlook with your Black Berry Z10 using the new service from Microsoft.The reason for doing this is simple as well; these accounts support wireless synchronization with your Black Berry Z10.If you use Gmail, the built-in contact manager is extremely useful because it's used by other Google apps like Google Docs and is accessible from any computer through your Gmail account.It's commonly used as a replacement for the contact managers in email and contact applications like Microsoft Outlook.

Our Wireless sync does not use Black Berry Desktop.

Same with contacts: Add a new contact from your work computer through your Gmail address book, and it will automatically appear in your Black Berry contacts list. » How to Enable Google Contact Synchronization » Note: Two-way wireless contact synchronization with the Google Mail contact list requires Black Berry Device Software 5.0.

Synchronization must be configured through email settings on the Black Berry smartphone.

Here's a simple, free, and satisfying way to spend 15 minutes: Set up automatic—and wireless—sync your personal Google® email, contact list, and calendar across your Black Berry® smartphone and home and work computers.

It's easy to set up by signing up for a web-based Gmail® account and setting it up on your Black Berry smartphone.


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