Carbon dating and dna testing

While there was general agreement that Homo erectus dispersed from Africa across Asia between 1 and 2 million years ago, what happened next remained a question.

The "out-of-Africa" hypothesis contended that modern humans developed in Africa and migrated from there recently, driving H. Proponents of a "multiregional" hypothesis held that H.

But two breakthroughs have made this possible: the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a method for copying any fragment of DNA, and the successful recovery of DNA from preserved hard tissues, bones and teeth, that are durable and relatively abundant.

DNA analysis traced human ancestry back to an African "Eve," setting off debate about how modern humans evolved.

The researchers, Rebecca Cann, Mark Stoneking, and the late Allan Wilson, estimated that the ancestor of all surviving mt DNA types lived between 140,000 and 290,000 years ago. They dated the oldest cluster of mt DNA types with no modern African representation to between 90,000 and 180,000 years ago.

Look for many revelations in the coming years as a result of this mission.

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Replication of Known Dental Characteristics in Porcine Skin: Emerging Technologies for the Imaging Specialist by L.

Stafford, Joseph Thulin, Thomas Wirtz, George Corliss, Kwang Woo Ahn, Alexis Visotky, Ronald L.


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