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You begin to trust and feel as though you really know this person.

Before long your “friend” may want to “meet up” or “hook up”.

The disgust I felt towards my body developed during a period of abuse. I put breadcrumbs on my plate to make it look like I had eaten. She posts her thoughts on calorie-counting, coping with hairloss and malnutrition, avoiding the “temptation” of food and how to conceal your eating disorder.

I was sexually abused by a family member from the age of five. Now, whenever I stop eating, I just tell everyone I’m on a diet again. Her readers, she says, are “girls who are desperate in their anorexia and willing to do anything to lose weight.

"But as a parent, it never occurred to me there might be more.After all, the reasoning goes, teens are less likely to spout off to their friends (if only slightly) than to their mothers; why not approach mothering more like friendship? At any age, but especially as girls grow into young women, mothers like to feel connected to their daughters and, in many cases, their daughters' friends.If we treat our kids like "one of us," will they respect us more? At a time when there is so much societal pressure to stay young, this helps keep us feeling youthful.Recently I was contacted by someone who was trying to understand why a friend's teen would pretend to be someone she's not online.In an effort to help explain several possible reasons to her, I began to wonder if this is a common situation?I frequently try to warn parents about their teen becoming a victim, but should I also do something for parents whose teen is the catfisher?


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