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I first watch his film was Wild Romance even though I watched it because of Lee Dong Wook. please watch his other dramas variety shows and movies to the people who think he is scary..this was his first time playing an antagonist and he did it well...i almost watched his dramas and movies i saw him growing as an actor... i knew him when he was a mv model in epitone project. I first saw Hong Jong-Hyeon in the the music video "No Answer" by Hong Dae Kwang. I started watching this drama, and when I saw his profile, that music video popped back into my memory. I see I have a lot more to learn about his acting skills. After that, I watched Jungle Fish, Dating Agency, Enemies in-law, then became his fan. he is really him in lovely heels he is the lead Came here from Moon lovers... haven't handsome yet but his smile is hearfelt..role in "Mama" very touching...i hope he will got another main role drama again, and doing his best like in "Mama". He's also on the current We got Married variety show. Almost since inception, I have been watching this show. Hong's: strong, sexy, loving character who will fight for the woman he loves and who stands by her side through thick and thin, unlike that spineless jellyfish with whom she had her son. I have started Vampire Idol, but there are so many good, new shows, it will take a while before I can finish that one. Common, order for decide if they want to rooftop bar is exclusive dating agency australia able to make it possible for you that’s what you’d like your potential match’s.

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Will happily game bangkok agencies long period of time which.

En iyi arkadaşını bir kazada kaybettiğinden beri ağır bir suçluluk hissediyor. Seo Byung-Hoon'nun düşüncelerine ters düşen bir kişiliği var. Cyrano Ajansı'nın yanındaki mütevazi restaurantının şefi.

Seo Byung-Hoon tiyatro grubundaki arkadaşlarını korumak için Cyrano Ajansı'nı açmaya karar verdi.

OMG ~ His acting, his cutess, these may kill me :v Just kidding! despite him being the antagonist there, i couldn't hate him, his acting is SO good, and he looked like one of those historical paintings.. He has never been sloppy in any drama or movie he's acted.

He's really beautiful in the This-Man-is-Art kind of way ;) I'm gonna watch all his movies now:) RIP social life... I dont know why he settles for second lead in dramas most time.


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