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“Can’t imagine it,” says long-time resident Don Brockman, 79.“It wouldn’t be what it is today, as simple as that.” They’re that big?All advised theses are Masters projects with one exception (a Phd thesis in 1999, noted below). Theses prior to 1996 were completed at Western Washington University (WWU). Scott, 2013, Upper-plate deformation of late Pleistocene marine terraces in the Trinidad, California coastal area, southern Cascadia subduction zone Ladinsky, Tyler, 2012, Late Quaternary evolution of the Manastash anticline and Manastash range front, Yakima fold belt, Washington: Influence of tectonics and climate Caldwell, Dylan, 2012, Strath terrace and knickpoint formation in a coastal basin draining to the Cascadia subduction margin, Smith River, northern California Graehl, Nick, 2012, Late Holocene paleoseismicity, tsunamis, and relative sea-level changes in Yaquina Bay, central coastal Oregon Foster, Melissa 2010, Knickpoint propagation in tributaries of the South Fork Eel River, northern California Erickson, Gwen, 2008, Evolution of an intermontane basin along the Maacama fault, Little Lake Valley, northern California Barnett, Elizabeth, 2007, Active faulting at the northeast margin of the greater Puget lowland: a paleoseismic and magnetic-anomaly study of the Kendall fault scarp, Whatcom County, northwest Washington Larsen, Mort, 2006, Late Holocene slip rate investigation of the Maacama fault at the Haehl Creek site, Willits, California Woolace, Adam, 2005, Late Neogene and Quaternary Stratigraphy and Structure of Little Lake (Willits) Valley, northern Coast Range, California Smith, Bonnie, 2004, Relations between bed material transport and storage during aggradation and degradation in a gravel bed channel Pritchard, Chad, 2004, Late Holocene relative sea level changes, Arcata Bay, California: evaluation of Freshwater syncline movement using coseismically buried soil horizons Patton, Jay, 2004, Late Holocene coseismic subsidence and coincident tsunamis, southern Cascadia subduction zone, Hookton Slough, Humboldt Bay, California Stallman, Jay, 2003, Strath terrace genesis in the North Fork Elk River Valley, north coastal California Williams, Todd, 2002, The geodetic signature of modern deformation (1993-2002) within the Southern Cascadia Subduction Zone, northwestern California Andras, Kevin, 2001, Digital elevation model-based analysis of vertical tectonic deformation Witter, Robert (Ph D thesis supervised through University of Oregon), 1999, Late Holocene paleoseismicity, tsunamis and relative sea level changes along the south-central Cascadia subduction zone, southern Oregon, USA Curtis, Jennie, 1999, A sediment budget of hydraulic gold-mining sediment, Steephollow Creek, California, 1853-1997 Polenz, Michael, 1997, Tectonic geomorphology of the Crescent City coastal plain, California Adkins, Brian, 1996, Glacio-fluvial origin of stream terraces at Big Flat, Smith River basin, northwestern California Kirtland, Jeff, (WWU), 1995, Sediment production and delivery in the upper South Fork Nooksack River, northwestern Washington, 1940-1991 Cooper, Craig (WWU), 1994, Downstream fining in a mountain stream channel affected by debris flow Ticknor, Rob (WWU), 1993, Late Quaternary crustal deformation on the central Oregon coast as deduced from uplifted wave-cut platforms Raines, Mary (WWU), 1991, Sediment budget for the Grouse Creek basin, Humboldt County, California Sandal, Mark (WWU), 1990, Water balance and hydrostratigraphy of the Dakota Creek watershed, Whatcom County, Washington Eide, Jerry (WWU), 1990, A 48-year sediment budget (1942-1989) for Deer Creek basin, Washington Kahle, Sue (WWU), 1990, Hydrostratigraphy and groundwater flow in the Sumas area, Whatcom County, Washington Erdman, Craig (WWU), 1990, Plio-Pleistocene stratigraphy and tectonic evolution of the northern Ohara depression-Wakarara Range, North Island, New Zealand Grabau, Paul (WWU), 1990, Floodplain aggradation in an intermontane area of the Oregon Coast Range as a geomorphic response to the Pleistocene-Holocene transition Malloy, Andy (WWU), 1988, Changes in grain size distribution in a gravel bed stream due to a point source influx of sediment Mc Inelly, Galan (WWU), 1988, Late Quaternary tectonic deformation in the Cape Arago-Bandon region of coastal Oregon as deduced from wave-cut platforms Lindsay, Chuck (WWU), 1988, The effects of urbanization on the water balance of the Fishtrap Creek basin, NW Washington and south central British Columbia Creahan, Kathy (WWU), 1988, Water table elevations and groundwater flow in an unconfined aquifer in northern Whatcom County, Washington Thompson, John (WWU), 1988, The De Forest Creek landslide and sediment transport in Deer Creek, Washington Bender, A. quotes taken from Remembering Times By Jim Headington Additional Information supplied by: Darin Faubert and the July 28th 1999 edition of the Wadena News Wadena Hockey Throughout the Years Pictures dating back as far as the early 1900s and game summaries in the local papers of that time show that hockey was part of Wadena’s history right from the earliest days.

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“All the people that are here, they talk hockey, I’d say, 60 per cent of the time.” Right up there with the weather, politics, gossip and the Saskatchewan Roughriders are the Broncos.My projects, which are collaborative efforts with colleagues, use the tools of Quaternary stratigraphic analysis, in conjunction with digital imagery, to decipher paleoseismic history on the Cascadia and Sumatran subduction zones and to better understand tectonic evolution of the Yakima fold province within the Cascadia backarc region of central Washington, USA. While most of my Quaternary stratigraphic investigations have been in coastal wetlands where relative sea level changes inform subduction zone earthquake histories, current investigations of the tectonic geomorphology of the Yakima folds of central Washington state focus more on basin-scale geomorphic processes. When you think of Humboldt, you automatically think of the Humboldt Broncos. The Broncos are, and always have been, the talk of the town.The two partners, through hockey marriage, go hand-in-hand. Those who have been long-associated with the Junior A hockey squad can’t envision a Humboldt without those Buckin’ Broncos.Regrettably, this structure burnt down in 1912 and would not be rebuilt until 1935.


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