Dating marriage percentages of the netherlands

The Shallow Man was in Paris recently, and while sat outside one of my favorite cafes, was sat next to a table of American girls, one of whom spent most of the time discussing very loudly about whether or not some guy she’d been out with a couple of times was interested in her or not.

Now if that had been a Dutch girl, she’d have jumped that poor mans bones or got rid of him in no time at all, which brings me to the subject of today’s post, 5 differences between Dutch and American girls.

Gender equality in terms of economic independence should therefore be one of the goals of the Dutch government.

Gender equality is, so to speak, not only about rights, but also about power and benefits, and thus about poverty reduction. We promote this in developing countries where programs are set up to educate girls as well as to help them to start up small businesses with the use of micro credits.

Disclaimer: All the observations about Dutch and American girls made below are based on people I’ve known personally or know.

In 2015, 765 marriages between two women were registered, while for men that number was 644.

According to a CBS spokesperson, more people are living together unmarried and for longer periods of time, and the number of registered partnerships has increased over time.

As such, it is taking longer for people to take the next step and actually get married.

So how can it be that in the Netherlands only 52 per cent of women are economically independent and, even more worryingly, only 54 per cent of women consider it important to be able to support themselves and their children?

These issues are of particular concern when coupled with recent statistics on divorce rates: one out of three marriages ends in separation, and other relationships are at an even higher risk of breaking up sooner or later.


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