Dating somebody with the same birthday

I ask this because, I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I think its cool when I find a person I share a birthday with.But in order for me to actually ask this of you, it would be only appropriate if I put mine down.What would your thoughts be on dating someone who was born on the same day as you.

He was 4 years younger and it was years ago in my 20’s and it ended up being the awful Saturn return kind of break up.

i've alwys wanted somebody thats 'opposite' sign from me. i dated someone who was born exactly one year and one day after me.

actually, between two people with the same or similar charts, you owuld look at their cross-planetary aspects for comparing their differences.

Honestly, why would I even consider someone who is pretty much exactly like me?

I hate to say it to him, but this is just not going to happen for very many reasons.


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