Dating someone who smokes crack

A friend i have in the states is a pastry chef, and amoungst other things she is known to use large quantities of cannibus in her treats for her clientelle. do you know if he takes the child with him to buy dope?

is the child with him while he's buying dope from a drug dealer who may be selling other hard drugs and may have a gun on his person?

(everything I knew about drugs was from watching TV) After he came home last time, I smelled it on his breath and off his skin. Posted: 02/28/2011 PM Received 1 Thanks for this Post It is disgusting smelling, ransit smelling (don't know how to spell it).

Told him to shower and then the upstairs smelled like it. When you kiss them, your lips burn and it tastes like your lips are numb. I was in a house for many years with a crack addict and you end up thinking that you are high all the time. My husband blamed it on a friend and said they were smoking a cigarette everytime I came home. Then he decided he was going to be smarter then me and started to inject it. Hugs to you and remember to take care of yourself and your child. If you are smelling that on his clothes and breath, then he is probably smoking it and smoking it in your home.

Dopamine is released by cells of the nervous system during pleasurable activities such as eating or having sex.

the only way to fix this evil plague is to shoot them like zombies. He worked his *** off all week but come Friday, it was drink, drink and then on a mission. I first began crack cocaine and at rave in San Quintin California.I set aside the money for it and when it is gone it is gone. There have been times when I have gone 9 months without smoking... i spend 300 hun a day and ive od 12 times but i cant stop. i hate what this drug has done to my life and my soul. He or she then places a small piece of a steel wool at one end of the pipe tube and puts the rock on the other side of this filter.When the rock is heated from below, it produces a vapor, or smoke. From there, the drug is taken up by the person's bloodstream.This sends a signal to that nerve cell, which produces a good feeling.


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