Dating while pregnant

There are men who find pregnancy attractive, but one would have to wonder if they would stick by you after the birth. What I don't understand are these people that think you should be alone for 18 yrs plus 9 months to raise your child.Stay on the POF forums to join in on the conversations, and join some sites for pregnancy and motherhood and connect with other Moms and pregnant women, and seek the emotional support of family & friends. It's been difficult to find someone who is actually interested in a serious relationship rather than just trying to fulfill his fantasy. You can raise happy, healthy children and still have a life outside of them.Of course, I realize that my pool of interested bachelors may be limited or different than it was before.I consider myself to be an all-around great catch, but I am sure this will narrow down my options for a while.

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(Sorry if that's TMI.)I started "seeking out" men to date even though I was in my second trimester. I was always honest with them about my pregnancy, and I think because of that, it never progressed.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about dating while pregnant.

Here’s my story: I’m divorced, and have two great kids age 9 and 12. I’m planning on keeping the baby and we have decided to co-parent as friends.

I’ve been dating for about 2.5 years, following your advice, understanding that it’s a process, being patient, and learning about myself and about men. Well, I was dating a nice guy for a couple months and it didn’t work out. After the initial surprise wore off, a lot of self-reflection, and talks with the father, I am happy about it and feel confident that it’s the right decision to proceed the way we are.

I am already accustomed to being a single mom, and I always wanted a 3rd child, a dream that I thought I had to give up on when my husband left.


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