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From the year 2008 to the year 2009, she appeared in a very popular TV series called Knight Rider and her amazing work in the series helped her fame a lot.

Her work in a TV series called Satisfaction has been jaw dropping as well and she has been a part of this series from the year 2014.

Lily thinks that a guy she knows named George is perfect for Robin, but he's a single father (his son, Doug, is in Lily's class), which is usually a deal breaker for kid hating Robin.

Robin decides to give George a try and she does fall for him, even strong enough in her feelings and confident enough to tell him that she has a problem with kids.

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She was born in a place called New Jersey, which lies in United States of America.

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She has outshined so many other stars with her amazing acting skills and more is yet to come in her wonderful career.

Her work in all the TV shows and movies she has been a part of have been sublime and this has made her the star she is today.


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