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The certificate must be completed in English and the official language of the Member State of the first point of entry into the Member States, including their respective official languages.Note 4: Every attempt has been made to ensure that the information on this site is up-to-date; however, countries can change their import requirements without notifying the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).Please contact your local Animal Health Office to schedule an appointment for endorsement, or to ask any remaining questions you may have.A checklist is available to ensure you have the required document and details needed to qualify your pet for movement to the in non-commercial movements of five or fewer animals is available in several languages.Please note that the animal health certificate for pets (dogs, cats and ferrets) travelling to the European Union (EU) has changed.These changes are effective since September 1, 2016 and apply to pets travelling for non-commercial purposes.Since the Pet Travel Scheme was introduced in 2000 hundreds of thousands of animal lovers have used the opportunity to take their pets abroad without the need to leave their dog or cat in quarantine for six months.The vast majority of these trips have been to mainland Europe via ferry or Eurotunnel and are particularly popular for people with holiday homes overseas.

A Pet Passport is a document that officially records information related to a specific animal, as part of that procedure.The pet passport itself comes in multiple forms, sometimes a pink A4 sheet, sometimes a small blue booklet.It contains the microchip or tattoo number of the animal, the certification that it has had a rabies vaccination, and needs to be signed by an officially approved veterinary surgeon.After your pet has been vaccinated, it must be blood tested to make sure the vaccine has worked, there is then a three month waiting period.Have your pet microchipped – before any of the other procedures for pet travel are carried out, your pet must be fitted with a microchip so it can be properly identified.Note 1: Step-by-step instructions on filling out the new veterinary health certificates are available.


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