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Brand: Chateau de Seguin – Bordeaux Superieur Varieties: Red Vintage: 2014 Vineyard Region: Bordeaux FRANCE Alc/Vol: 12.5% This is a medium bodied wine with slight tannins, ripe cranberry and light spicy notes.

France's wine regions are relatively cool, compared with those found in places such as California and Australia, and there is a particular seasonal pattern that seems to produce the ideal grape.

The best grapes are thought to be grown in years when there are heavy rains early in the season, followed by a dry, hot summer with a seasonal drought.

The rain in spring and early summer fuels plant growth, while the dry conditions later on push the plants to focus more on producing fruit, according to a study published online Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change.

But most seem convinced that some form of drastic action is needed.

"The international context has hit us very hard," said Patrick Ricard, president of the French association of wine and spirit exporters FEVS.


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