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The image of St George as a Roman soldier mounted on a fine Arabian horse and spearing a dragon is a familiar one throughout Old Cairo, where there are two facilities dedicated to him.

Throughout the Christian East, Saint George is undoubtedly the most popular warrior-saint, and in the Coptic churches of Cairo there are now more than twenty relics of the equestrian saint.

Theodore Stratelates to Saint George, though it is also possible that the Copts adopted this tale from the Western Christians. George (Deir al-Banat), located in Old Cairo, is obscure, but it is believed that the foundation of the structure dates from the seventh or eighth century.

Today, the monastery is actually home to between thirty and forty religious women . George and the large room with an anteroom offer any historical and artistic interest. The large room with an anteroom is separated from the chapel by a double door of surprising height measuring some seven meters. The nuns in charge of the chapel offer for the veneration of the faithful an iron collar and chain.

The mission of our web site is to provide an instant and accessible forum of information about our parish, its families, our culture and our faith, Orthodox Christianity.

It is intended to be educational, informative and spiritual, with the ultimate goal being the spreading of His Word.

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The primate of the Church of Greece is the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece.

Whomever places the halter of the chain around his neck and winds the chain around his body, kissing the chain piously and offering prayers to Saint George, is considered to be in a state of exceptional grace.

Ever since the fifth century, Western Christians have venerated the chains of the apostle Peter in the Basilica of Saint Peter of the Chains, on the Esquiline in Rome.

Adherence to the Eastern Orthodox Church was established as a definitive hallmark of Greek ethnic identity already in the first modern Greek constitution, the "Epidaurus Law" of 1822, during the Greek War of Independence.

The preamble of all successive Greek constitutions simply states "In the name of the Holy, Consubstantial and Indivisible Trinity", and the Eastern Orthodox Church of Christ is established as the "prevailing" religion of Greece.


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