Hibernate saveorupdate is not updating

Similar to save method persist also INSERT records into database but return type of persist is void while return type of save is Serializable object.method does not guarantee the same, it returns an identifier, and if an INSERT has to be executed to get the identifier (e.g.Associated objects may be made persistent in any order you like unless you have a give you a way to retrieve a persistent instance if you already know its identifier.One version takes a class object and will load the state into a newly instantiated object.

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(Applications that use this kind of approach in a high-concurrency environment usually use versioned data to ensure transaction isolation.) This approach requires a slightly different programming model to the one described in the last section.The Map key is formed of the entity type (its class) and the entity identifier.The TABLE strategy behaves like SEQUENCE, but you should avoid it at any cost because it uses a separate transaction to generate the entity identifier, therefore putting pressure on the underlying connection pool and the database transaction log.If you discover, that you can use primary key column instead of composites, use it! (the requirements for component with composite keys are described in hibernate_5.1.5)Remember, that hibernate saves associations, that are made to noninverse end, so if you want to add child to parent, use smth like this: Parent p = new Parent(); Child c = new Child();Parrent(p);Children().add(c);sess.save(c); You have no need to save parent since hibernate saves association between rows in child table only.You also probably would like to experiment with cascading in parent/child associations.Hi, I am having a problem saving objects which have a bidirectional one-to-many / many-to-one mapping.


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