How to turn dating into a relationship

When things are casual they feel more serious, if that makes sense. I knew my boyfriend and I were serious when I felt like the pressure was off.

I wasn't always stressing about when I should call him or what I should wear.

Obviously some people are very nervous on the first few dates and these signs aren’t immediately apparent but they should develop over time.They won’t be looking over your shoulder, playing on their phone, fidgety and distracted.They will be engaged with you, interested in what you are saying and this will be shown in their body language – good eye contact, open posture and a relaxed, unhurried attitude.Well at some point you’re going to have to talk about it and we reckon honesty is the best policy all round.Don’t mention the marriage and babies part yet, but laying your cards on the table lets the other person know how you’re feeling and will encourage them to do the same.Although it can be awkward and uncomfortable, being transparent about your expectations will prevent inevitable heartache and time wasted in a relationship that you don't really want.


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