Internet dating site murderer

Carl Langdell, 26, murdered history teacher Katie Locke, 23, in a hotel room just two weeks after they first met on internet dating site Plenty of Fish.He then inserted an object into her anus after she had been killed.Not only is catfishing (where a pursuer pretends to be someone else online) a strangely popular past time of weirdo shut-ins, but you never know who’s harboring a secret desire to randomly murder someone.The stories of online murders on this list are enough to make you slam your laptop shut and avoid every one of your Facebook friends that you’ve never met in real life (also, why did you accept those requests? Whether you’ve run into some online trouble before, or it’s never occurred to you that predators lurk online, prepare to be really creeped out as you read these stories of online dating murder.However, after drinking bottles of wine and cider and stripping naked for sex, Donnelly flew into a "frenzied" rage, strangling the 44-year-old, beating her round the head, and then stabbing her repeatedly as she lay dead or dying.

It inspires people meet their spouses and make new connections in a world where people just don’t have time to date the traditional way.

"That meeting must take place in a public place until one person feels they know someone well enough.

"Usha Patel invited this defendant to come to her flat, she had spoken to him on a number of occasions on the phone and they had exchanged photos of their children.

In the 21st century people are more likely to meet their significant other online than they are IRL.

Regardless of that fact, online dating is still as dangerous as it ever was.


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