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She thinks he would look rather handsome without it. He’s a fussy man obsessed with matters which are hard for others to relate to and he seems to be engaged in a petty cold-war with his wife’s mother.

Still, he’s comfortable enough in his slightly arid world until, one day, something extraordinary happens: As I was describing a mark used by Valerio Dorico—a Pegasus striking a rock with its hoof making a spring gush forth—I remember noticing the Argentinian student, whose thesis I was supervising and who came to all my lectures, getting up without saying a word and coming toward my desk.

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The daughter of contemporary writer Jim Crace and Pamela Turton, Lauren Rose Crace was born in Birmingham. She attended Swanshurst School in Billesley, and then Cadbury Sixth Form College, where she took both a GCSE and an A-Level in Drama. and later went on to train at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.Those watching at home took to Twitter to ask what was going on.One baffled viewer said: “Was it my imagination or did she get hit with the arrow in the left arm but had the right arm bandaged up??I noted enough quotes that I could write a two-page review using nothing else (don’t worry, I won’t). Arduino Gherarducci is a middle-aged professor specialising in bibliographic data exchange formats.Baldness runs in his family and Arduino maintains a proud family tradition of sporting a combover – in his case he grows his hair long in back and combs it forward over his bald patch.He is well aware that times have changed and that the combover has become a thing of ridicule.


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