Lembit opik still dating cheeky girl

The Bangor-born former Liberal Democrat member lost his Montgomeryshire seat in the 2010 general election.

Since then he has failed as a stand-up comic, and has starred in a video for an obscure band.

But the result that the Conservatives hoped would bring their "Portillo moment" failed to materialise when the Schools Secretary Ed Balls survived, albeit with a greatly reduced majority.

The Tories made him a target of their "decapitation strategy", leading some to rename it a "castration strategy".

The night began well for Cameron with a victory at Kingswood, 135th on the Conservative target list and regarded by many as a benchmark seat.

The result was announced around 1am - the sitting MP Roger Berry ousted by the Conservative candidate Chris Skidmore, suggesting that the Conservative swing could be bigger in marginal seats.

He’s an elected politician and I think we all have a right to know what he has to say without having degrading images of women shoved in our faces, don’t you think?

Turnout across the country was 65 per cent, although it was higher in marginal seats.

As the results came in, the concept of "uniform national swing" in all the opinion polls gave way to a bewildering variety of swings. Smith lost her Redditch seat around 4.30am, after suffering a 9 per cent swing to the Conservatives, amid speculation that the expenses scandal had helped turn voters against her.

His love of harmonicas, a soft spot for the Segway human transporter and his unlikely romance with a Cheeky Girl marked out Lembit Opik as one of Westminster's more light-hearted characters.

Now, after the surprise of losing his seat at the election, the eccentric former MP has decided to try a career as a stand-up comedian. "I have already done some after-dinner speeches, so am used to that.


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