Lonely sex dating

“There is still a stigma [about motherhood]on two levels,” she told “It’s not really okay to say ‘I am feeling a bit isolated ‘or ‘motherhood is not skipping and dancing on the hills so far and I am not beaming and glowing’.

I felt completely inhibited by saying ‘actually this is really hard’ or even worse ‘I am bored’,” she said.

Sex can feel like a great instant gratification way to feel less alone in the world, more connected, more wanted and needed.

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As human beings we share a need for connection and intimacy, both of which come in multiple forms.

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So in the spirit of a true entrepreneur, she decided to transform her frustration into an opportunity.

Ms Kennedy created a brand new app called Peanut, which aims to break the stigma around motherhood and help women—just like herself—to make meaningful connections based on common values and interests during this new—often scary and almost always transformative—phase of their lives.


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