Media influence on teens dating

The child development experts at the Healthy Children website suggest that parents speak openly with their children to mitigate the negative effects that the media's glorification of smoking may have.

The teen years are a time when your child may have her first romantic relationship and begin to think about her sexuality.

Teenagers are constantly inundated with messages from various groups, each with their own agenda (almost always an aim to sell), and few that have a young teens best interests at heart.

The American Academy of Pediatrics' (AAP) Healthy Children website notes that television violence can actually lead to real-world violent acts.Similarly 50% of boys say social media makes them feel more emotionally connected with their significant other, compared with 37% of girls.At the same time, even among boys this impact is fairly muted: Just 16% say social media makes them feel “a lot” more connected to their significant other’s life, while just 13% feel “a lot” more emotionally close to their significant other thanks to social media.A group plan dealing with dating which develops an awareness of media influence and how to set one’s own goals for healthy dating.Youth workers want young people to be aware of media’s influence on dating expectations.Most television programs aimed at teens feature numerous young couples.


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