Multiple users updating excel spreadsheet

An inbox full of Excel files can make it difficult to know which file contains the latest updates.This confusion can keep decision-makers from having access to the most recent information.By Greg Harvey You can use the Allow Users to Edit Ranges command button in the Changes group on the Review tab of the Excel 2013 Ribbon to enable the editing of particular ranges in the protected worksheet by certain users.When you use this feature, you give certain users permission to edit particular cell ranges, provided that they can correctly provide the password you assign to that range.The Dropbox badge will let you know that others are editing the file by turning red and displaying a lock icon.You’ll still be able to edit, but the badge is there to warn you that if you and the other person continue editing at the same time, you may create different versions of the file.But we believe that the main reason our clients use Secure Sheet is to avoid the catastrophic scenario that inevitably unfolds when sensitive corporate information is shared insecurely.

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When you see this, you have the option to save your version of the file, and we’ll help the other person get your latest changes.Secure Sheet is an online spreadsheet for secure data management-a web-based application that enables you to turn existing Excel spreadsheets into highly efficient multi-user business tools.Similar, but a lot better and with many more features designed specifically for businesses.If the other person saves their changes to the file before you save your changes, you’ll see the badge turn with a download arrow and you can update to their version.Note: When working in an Excel file, the badge may always display an exclamation mark (even if you or other viewers have not yet edited a spreadsheet). When your collaborators make and save any actual changes, follow the steps to update to the latest version of the document.If this list box is empty, click the Advanced button to expand the Select Users or Groups dialog box and then click the Find Now button to locate all users for your location.


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