No ip ubuntu not updating

"Unable to connect to me" After 6-7 hours it becomes again accessible, but I'm not sure if this is normal... Please help Try to access the the service you want to use via IP address.If this works right after ip address change there is some problem with DNS or the DDNS service itself.So far, I've been spoiled at home because my ISP (Plus Net) makes switching to a static IP address easy and cheap, so obviously I did that.This time though, I didn't have that option, and I didn't want to configure a dynamic dns client on that router either, so I had to set it up on the server itself.You may also contact Iron Socket technical support for assistance.

It works using a Dynamic Update Client (DUC) that continuously updates the Hostname when the IP address changes.Many tutorials don't explain what to do if your server is behind a router, but this one will.I recently set up a backup server on an internet connection that has a dynamic IP address.Install ddclient in ubuntu sudo aptitude install ddclient This will complete the installation Configuring ddclient If you want to reconfigure you seetings use the following command dpkg-reconfigure ddclient You want to make sure it runs as a service and monitors changes in ppp–something that the install wizard doesn’t cover.Yesterday I've created a noip account, I've downloaded the updater client (DUC), I've configured them, and when I've tryied to browse "me" all worked fine...When Ubuntu 12.04 is first installed, it defaults to GCC v4.6.


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