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(The plural of the Tamil word paṟaiyan is paṟaiyar.

The symbol ṟ in this Tamil word transliterates a letter pronounced as an alveolar trill in some dialects of Tamil, while it transliterates a letter pronounced as an alveolar liquid in Malayalam.) Because of their low status, the paṟaiyar found work performing undesirable tasks considered ritually impure by members of the higher castes, such as disposing of the corpses of dead cattle and performing music and carrying out other functions at funerals.

A young woman seduces a female classmate who has never had a sexual experience before (no nudity, but some kissing). One scene shows a clothed woman wearing a phallic sex toy.

A man is having an affair -- viewers don't see any of the trysts, but there are major hints -- but vehemently denies it.

is a compelling coming-of-age story that shows what life is like for a teenage girl who's young, black, female, and gay.

There are heartbreaking moments as well as make-you-think storylines, which include fairly mature subject matter -- including a "first time" love scene that may be too intense for younger teens (kissing, but no nudity).

Murray Perahia continues his Beethoven cycle with the Classical elegance of the first piano concerto and the dark, brooding drama of the third.The term paṟaiyar is derived from paṟai (in Malayalam, paṟa), a name of a kind of drum played as part of certain festivals and ceremonies.Players of this drum have traditionally been drawn from the paṟaiyar group.The question is rather can it produce pleasure on its own. Much of my definition of sex (which as many of you know I’ve been trying to alter) has been caught up in that white jizzy final expulsion.I’d heard tell around the campfire, my friends, about the orgasm without ejaculation, drawn out by prostate stimulation. Since I know (thyself) myself, and that I have that “closed for business entirely” sensibility after an orgasm, I tend to put my partner’s pleasure first almost entirely.Film presentation and discussion Event is FREE but requires reservation By Dee Rees 86 minutes, 2011 An inspiring and heartrending coming of age story, Pariah follows a 17-year old girl as she discovers her sexuality and challenges her family’s expectations of who she is to become.


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