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Es muy importante la correcta datación de tu instrumento, así como el lugar de fabricación.La mayoría de las veces un determinado año, país, o hasta la planta de montaje determinan su valor y orientan al luthier sobre materiales, técnicas y acabados de un instrumento en concreto. Aquí puedes encontrar algunos enlaces para conocer el lugar y fecha de nacimiento de tu guitarra o bajo.Charvel imports 1986-91 Jackson Professional Series Jackson Pro Confusion Jackson Rhoads Pro/Ex/Std Grover Jackson Doug Aldrich Charvel 750 XL Jackson Stars Jackson Custom Shop Log Birth of Caparison Guitars This comprehensive Charvel guide will enable you to determine the year of production and verify any of the legendary Japanese made Charvel guitars, designed by Jackson Charvel and built by the Japanese Chushin Gakki factory back in 1986 through 1991.The guide will also show you both the original configuration of the guitars and the evolution they went through.A quick and dirty way of determining the year of manufacture for the bolt-on Model Series 1 - 4, is to look at the combination of trademark symbols used on both the headstock and the neckplate.

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These models are shipped directly from the manufacturing plant to the distributor in your country and are not tracked here in the United States at Charvel.

Here’s the four general steps that the body will take, from the roughest forming to the final CNC cutting (watch video). The steps a neck goes through, from the 12 quarter rough cut (a piece of wood that’s 12/4 inches thick-as in 12-fourths or 3-1/2 inches) to final forming.

Since the neck needs to relax each time wood is removed, the process takes four or five days. And then the bodies are sanded, cleared and buffed. If any imperfections are noted, it’s sent back for more buffing. PRS manufactures their Core pickups in-house, just a few yards away from where they’ll be installed. The electronics and strings can finally be adjusted.

of the San Dimas Guitars I have seen are fraudulent.

I mean how easy it it to make a copy of a Fender copy?


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