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The moderators make sure that you never run into fake webcams.This makes sure that you never get trolled or blackmailed.(All other hits on the first Google result page are about an unrelated Pistonless rotary engine).This page is about a program available from the same site, which tries to gather entropy from a web cam and produce "real" random numbers from this.Producing these combinations is a painstaking process. The 42-year-old mathematician and cryptographer for computer security firm System Experts has been tinkering with random number generators, or RNGs, for nearly a decade - an exercise in bringing order to chaos. "The Grand Canyon wouldn't be so popular if it was just a uniform trench.The trick is controlling and managing chaos and turning it into something useful."In 1996, Noll and two colleagues at Silicon Graphics came up with Lavarand, a patented system that used Lava Lites to help generate random numbers.Due to the large amount of online girls at Roulette B, they also make sure that all of the girl users are real.That means that every time you see a girl on cam at Roulette B, you can be sure that she is real.

The size (and thus number) of these blocks is adjusted for each difference frame from the measured entropy (but it isn't described how this is measured) and also dependent on some adjustable factor.

Even the secrecy of the messages whizzing between military commanders in the Middle East depends on random numbers.

A sequence is considered random if no patterns can be recognized in it - the longer the string, the stronger the encryption.

Random number sequences have been around for 4,000 years, but never have they been in such demand.

That's because they're the building blocks of cryptography.


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