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[Read: 15 things perfect couples always talk about in a relationship] Romantic ideas for couples in love Every time we feel an overwhelming surge of affection for our lovers, we want to do something special for them, just to let them know how much they mean to us and how much we care about them.

And as the months and years pass by in the relationship, you may start to take each other for granted, or start to believe that excessive shows of affection in love is just corny.

These date nights are fun, silly but most of all easy to do!

Conversation time just got sillier with these question prompts that ask you to choose between two absurd situations and justify your answer.

Even if you don’t understand what’s going on, the music and the sheer drama of the event might stir you, and it did wonders for Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, remember?! Gaze at the stars One of the most romantic and classic date night ideas is gazing at the stars together on clear, fresh night.

Make it really interesting and take a book or download a night sky app to your phone and see how many constellations that you can identify. Go to the drive in Here’s another one of fun date night ideas you probably haven’t thought of doing for years.

] Remember, the more often you try to please your lover or show them just how much you care through your gestures, the happier you’ll feel.Recreate your first date Recreating your first date together, right down to what you wore, as well and what you had to eat as the place that you went to can be great fun and will bring back all those lovely, romantic memories of how you felt, when you first met. Learn to dance Many of us don’t really know how to dance properly and taking dance lessons together is a great way to share a new experience and learn a new skill together.Try some of the old style dances like a waltz or even the tango and really impress your family and friends next time you hit the dance floor together. Visit a comedy club Go and see tomorrow’s comedy stars today at your local comedy or improvisation club.Not all roller skaters were born with balance, but taking a risk with a roller skating date can take the seriousness out of a first date that typically involves wining and dining.A few falls later and you'll both be a whole lot closer.Love is a wonderful experience, because it’s the only emotion in the world that can bring you happiness when you give something away.


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