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Only happens to DNG files all cards reformated before shooting all 6 cards still have the same problem. Has been having this problem before the firmware update. Sandisk, Lexar and Sony, UHS1 and UHS2 cards after taking 20 to 30 shots about 2 to 4 DNG shots will be there with a file number but no image.

Until today, was able to drag and drop MP3's from computer, no problem. I will probally just format the thing and start over.

Player will appear as a removable drive in Windows File Explorer.

Except its not appearing in the My Computer directory.

you will find three buttons and the hold switch along one side of the player, the headset jack, lanyard loop, and microphone along the top, and the mini-usb connector on the bottom.

there is a joystick controller on the front just below the very readable lcd display, which has a nice indiglo backlight to make it very easy to see in any lighting condition.

That was the attraction - because years ago I'd bought a Creative MP3 player which I never used, then when I finally tried using it, I found it dead on me due to internal battery dying. So I decided to risk a used MP3 player operating on AAA. I rummaged in drawer, and found a little cable which fit into the Sansa-socket, with USB at other end.

Upon inserting an AAA battery & pressing the white-oval MENU button, it lit up (for just a split second). The manual states: To transfer files to your player connect it to open USB port on your computer.

(i like to use windows media player 10 and did not even try out the cd.) the players are 2.96 x 1.28 x .82 inches in size and only weigh 1.8 ounces with the aaa battery inserted.

Now we get the error, "Cannot Copy 13 - Jim Morrison - Roadhouse Blues: The directory or file cannot be created." Same error occurs when I try to copy any file. I've searched the internet, and the only thing I found was someone complaining in a review of the unit that they had this problem. But if it happens again, then the answer will be out there for us and others. go to my computer right click on your device that is connected click format (full format) then click fat 32 full erase (to do this it must be on a windows xp system) i did this and have had no problems then on Hi, I had the same problem when copying to a mmc drive on my pc, and it seems that you cannot have more than x files under the root folder.

The computer reports that the Removable Drive has 992 MB Capacity, 463 MB used, 528 MB free. I created some folders and I copied everything fine.

I did not have to restart the camera like many described Clean and simple update for me.

Was not asked to save anything at the start and got clear messages all the way through.


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