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’ ' The Waahiogtoo Post WASHINGTON — The House Thursday overwhelmingly approved a comprehensive overhaul of die law governing mining on federal land, voting for the first time to charge royalties for the extraction of many valuable minerals and to prevent arid repair environmental damage. Craig, R-Idohd, sponsor of the Senate bill, predicted the House-Senate negotiations will be a “slugfest.” Overhaul of the General Mining Law of 1872 — whose provisions still govern ex- traction of gold, silver and other “hard- r Ock" minerals from federal land — is a . drive to use the budget process io charge higher fees for mining, grazing, and tirn^er production on federal lands. pressorvd'by its environmental allies and Bobbitt, the administration has continued to those changes through other legisla- uittcc and u strong proponent of overhauling the mining law, said the upcoming conference wth thc~ Senate will be “rough and tumble*' and that achieving reform would require the active involvement of the Cli Dton.adminisiration. administration doesn't pa rticipate there will be no bill," said Miller, "who has frequently prodded the White House to de- fend more vigorbusly Babbitt^s natural re- source policies. At a new sice west of Hagerman; BLM Some of the 20 sites date bock to the officials found 28 garbage bags scattered in cemed about new illegal dumping sties., zen last week was the first notice the bu- Illegal dumping Dfhojiirdousmntcmls Ploasa see DUMPING/A2 John Ash of the Bureau oif Land Managemant, abova, says the agency fs lhvestlgatlng the niegal dum'plnj^ 2e bags of garbage west of Hagerman.

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Just said the Twin Falls housing price score could be higher if local rent prices were included. But Jiist sold the index has gone down slightly since the urst-quarter survey was done, partially due to e leveling of home prices. 94.3 103.3 Downtovm Twin Falls sna^snri Festival of Lights By Stove Crump I ^77^ ^ _ 1 Julie Rene, chairwoman of the Pocatellc T.m«-N«v„vn,cr ' Puradc mov6S/«t By Steve Crump Timcs-News writer TWIN FALLS -'When downtown busi- • nesswoman-Maris-Larson heard -from her sister-iorlaw abou LPocatello’s downtown . hold bdek te Whi.= Rivdr In soulhwcsium Indiana, where o'^i^cvts of rain have fall- the Black Ht Us. / Blowing ond dmjng snow was expected imhe nottlicm More ihim 80 people were still out of lbc'ir''o«,c/ait Br raounuiiu of Col Jbdo. k The National Weather Seryice reported that strong pres- sure gradient winds blew across souihcm Idaho, Pocatello and Idaho Falls reported winds of 44 to 45 mph Thursday iiflcmoon. Tempemiurcs around the state aflemoon were mostly in the 30s and 40s. “The president was like a junkyard Do you think what Ross I Perot Is now saying and I doing will help or hurt In solving some of the country's problems, or not have much effect either way? Buioy Monday, ou nours oetorc uic Republicans, who knew they would workers.

50 people were Injurec LThere woro no report3-0t_the_area._ A Pad t Ic. substa-_ confiriued deaths but,'''we are very "concerned tlon near Coallnga " collapsed. w Ttn ajiujuwiynflgrtiiude ol 11; bulidi^ngs that trapped scores or people In the struck at It Sljook the entli r The town was without power as darkness fell.- - Angeies suburb of-Snn Fcniando aiid kllled 04.

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Local home prices ore now rising by about 1 percent a month, said Kenneth Roy, a Twin Falls real estate appraiser, "I don't know what you think, I consider that a dramatic increase,” Roy said. Spencer reported the lowest ni 12 dc- ITIUI lllllg* TCiiuaj grees. the higlicsl icm- Jupi^gr ^^Cre Ury pemture was 88 at Hollywood and Fort Myers. Gunni-- Sflturn ‘*'® lowest temperature at I obovc Hoosiers brace for flooding; raip, snow fall across West The t^j Moda t ed Fec'sa ’■ A dm warning remained in cf Teei for several Indiana • • • counties Yrough Friday, when the river was npcctcd to Rniifsooked Indiana braced for flooiling Thursdoy as crest at 7 r|ei nbove flood stage, said A1 Shipc, hydrologist most ofthc nation stayed dry. Swttrr^ ram and «no« sheers fell over parts of Utah wcail V service warned of galc-forcc winds tiuough Thumluy u. Some snow fell over the extreme south- eastern part of the state during tlie a Aemoon.Real old women having fun with cock either by engulfing them with lust or by fucking in extreme XXX mature porn videos.A whole collection to provide old women fun sex in a really hot manner and with plenty of high quality features.Travmaga community doesn't approve sexual pictures, our members could report you.Real life mature women fucking on cam and enduring young dicks down their frigide pussies.Features include: Unique state of the art live video with voice - Flash alert system instantly lights up whenever someone views your profile or sends you a message - Find out which members added you as a favorite - Email notification when a member winks at you - Know if your messages are being read - Browse online personals & view photos - Compatibility match system - 100% free to read your messages, review your matches, flirt, send messages, see who viewed your profile and much more!


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