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If you want to create a playlist with only your favorite songs, for example, you can create a smart playlist that checks to see how many times each song was played, and places the songs with the highest play count in the playlist.

As you add more music to your library, the smart playlist is automatically updated.

i Tunes features two types of playlists, the first being the standard bucket-like playlist, where you can drag and drop tunes to your heart’s content, and the second, smart playlists which fill with songs based on criteria you choose, whether they be by genre, artist, song length, or any other criteria.

With so many options to choose from, the opportunities are seemingly limitless.

At any time you can change a smart playlist that you’ve already created.

Simply select the smart playlist in the Source list, and then open the File menu, and choose Edit Smart Playlist.

I did a few tests (all testing done within i Tunes, since the problem is already surfacing at the i Tunes level): I tried giving a different rating to a song within my ★★★★★ spl (no problem, the newly-rated song disappear); I tried rating a song within my "UNrated" list (no problem, the song disappeared after being rated); I tried playing a few songs across my ★★, ★★★, ★★★★ spls (no problem here either; the songs disappear after being played completely as I set a "not in last played" filter).

I can provide an "exists" in my master spl (sync_to_i Device).

1980s, 1990-95, 1996-2000), but I’ve also tried to make sure I don’t forget about some great music.

While the “Party Shuffle” function may randomly catch a track I hadn’t given recent attention to, I can force the issue with a smart playlist I call “The Neglected”.

In “The Neglected”, I feature songs where “Last played is not in the last 6 months”, with Live updating checked.

To delete a smart playlist, select it in the Source list, and then press the Delete key.

The playlist is deleted, but the songs remain in your music library.


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