Updating your green card

whose rules are so convoluted that even Ben Wyatt, its creator, can’t explain them.As anyone who’s endured the process will tell you, it’s an emotional roller coaster and an administrative nightmare marked by endless paperwork and instructions that are devoid of any instruction.If you’re a green card holder, you know how precious that document is.You guard it with your life, since it’s proof that you’re a permanent resident in the United States.Whenever you leave the country, you must show your card to get back in.It’s also proof that you’re eligible to work here; you need it if you’re starting a new job.Let’s get married, we said, feeling like a couple of gangbangers who wake one day and decide to go legit. Here’s what I learned, which may help those of you looking to make it in — or just to — America.The interview starts off slowly and — had I not been paralyzed with fear, I would have noticed — fairly convivially with no-brainers such as “What’s your address? Rehearsing answers with your other half beforehand can reveal surprising differences of imagination, particularly in a relationship that, like mine, had booze-soaked beginnings.

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In fact, don’t wear anything that could even remotely be labeled “Americana” (this includes your Bruce Springsteen tour tee). Can the Mac Dowell/Depardieu their green-card application is a clear sign you need to a) update your cultural references and b) shush.At the end of this process, you will be given the opportunity to download or print your completed Form AR-11 for your own records.Even though you are not required to print it out, we encourage you to print, sign, and date it in permanent ink and keep a paper copy of the electronic submission for your own records.If you choose to use this online electronic change of address notification, please mail in a Form AR-11.On the other hand if you choose not to use this online tool and instead choose to mail in a paper Form AR-11 please understand that doing so will not update your address on any applications or petitions pending with USCIS.You can receive federal student aid if you are an eligible noncitizen.


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