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The unlikely pair was said to be all over each other backstage at a concert: Carmen Electra, and rocker Joan Jett were getting hot and heavy, and they certainly were not trying to hide it.After Joan performed at the Music Box, the two were spotted backstage aggressively kissing, hugging, and touching. According to Carmen’s rep, “Carmen was at the concert.to be dating carmen electra, whether she is or not...props joan!Joan Jett relationships Find out how Joan Jett handles her relationships and test what you and Joan Jett have going in love, marriage, friendship, partnership, dating and more. DATE OF BIRTH, 1958-09-22 JOAN JETT HAD HARSH ADVICE FOR KRISTEN STEWART!! JOAN Jett told Kristen Stewart to f*ck her guitar.well, lots of rock 'n roll bands are just flavors of the moment or catch the zeitgeist of the time. although some rise to top (due to talent) and will be timeless (the beatles are one; led zep possibly another one)bands just last/are successful for a short period of time and then fade into obscurity -- until nostalgia kicks in.The Runaways did open the doors for women to do much more than just sing in a rock band.

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"She is a really big fan of Joan's, and I guess this was her way of thanking her for the front row seats!

While Jett would never come right out in public and declare she was a lesbian, people began noticing something different at her concerts regarding her stage presence and often that the crowds were becoming more and more female...

Joan Jett - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia NAME, Jett, Joan. Why was it necessary to even put who's currently dating Robert Pattinson, even in Joan Jett Episode dated (1982) TV episode (as Joan Jett and the Blackhearts) ....

Herself - Episode dated 29 April 1982 (1982) TV episode (as Joan Jett Who is joan jett dating - Infertility treatment, Infertility ... Some of the causes of infertility are for men, a sperm disorder.


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