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He has been in 10 celebrity relationships averaging less than one year each. In the book, the main character is dating a rapper who eventually leaves her for a NFL player’s daughter.,” which includes these aggressively spat lines: “Can’t keep my dick in my pants/My bitch don’t love me no more.” Its influence on Drake’s song is debatable, but the fact that it was argued at all illustrates how much notoriety X has gained, amidst a fast rise that raises age-old questions about the separation of art from the actions of those who create it.American culture has a romance with criminality dating back to colonial times, and historically those flames have been fanned by changes in business and technology.He was then later on paired with fellow Trill artist Webbie for the purpose of the 2003 release Ghetto Stories 2006.

Apparently art imitates life because Boosie allegedly left Walnita when she smuggled drugs into jail for him, he got caught, and she made a statement that ended up landing him 18 more months.Newspapers helped build up the 19th-century outlaw Jesse James as no common thief but a romantic antihero, an avatar of pure style.The motif of the chic gangster remains a staple in cinema, TV, and popular music: a renewable resource of street slang, drug lore, and general rebelliousness that speaks to urges also latent in law-abiding homes throughout the land.No sooner did video from the event surface than hip-hop fans started speculating about how much the flow might be indebted to an unsigned South Florida rapper currently behind bars.XXXTentacion—pronounced “X-X-X-tentación,” as in the Spanish word for temptation—is best-known for a luridly distorted track called “Look at Me!Naturally, the outlaw archetype has adapted to fit the social media age.


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