Who is scarlett johansson dating now

The pair are parents to two-year-old daughter Rose.

“I’m on guard because I have a young daughter,” Scarlett said.

The Her actress, 32, went without her wedding ring and donned a pair of reflective aviator shades for her afternoon stroll, accessorizing her casual outfit of a dark coat, jeans and a burnt-orange colored scarf.

Johansson and the French journalist were married for two years; they got engaged in September 2013, less than a year after first going public with their relationship in November 2012. In May 2016, the Captain America: Civil War actor told Cosmopolitan that Duariac hadn’t seen many of her films when they began dating.

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“I think I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, but I’ll let you know,” Scarlett said.

“Who may actually — as a result of the appointments you have made — grow up in a country that is moving backwards, not forwards, and who potentially may not have the right to make choices for her body and her future that your daughter Ivanka [Trump] has been privileged to have.”Johansson’s mic was cut off seven minutes into her impassioned speech just as she began to go after Ivanka, 35.

Another week, another celebrity divorce involving legal jousting over — no, not the bank accounts, the houses or the luxury toys — but the custody of minor children.

Will they be able to work out a settlement in which they share custody, the usual ideal?

Will she be able to take the child wherever she goes in her film-making career?


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