Who is shelley conn dating

Shelley is chatting about the recent Oscars ceremony, from her house “just over the Hollywood hills”.

“The whole of Hollywood shuts down for the Oscars, so if you’re not at the ceremony, stay in and watch it,” Shelley says. We all did a ballot to see if we could guess who the winner would be. But if I ever get invited to one of those things, I will absolutely embrace it.

Mistresses (l-r) Trudi (Sharon Small), Jessica (Shelley Conn), Siobhan (Orla Brady) and Katie (Sarah Parish) (l-r) Trudi (Sharon Small), Jessica (Shelley Conn), Siobhan (Orla Brady) and Katie (Sarah Parish)She had landed the female lead role in Terra Nova, the £43 million Steven Spielberg time travel series. I had a home birth, and it was stress free – as stress free as it can be.’Shelley and Jonathan had been together ten years before Oscar was even thought of, after meeting on the set of police drama Merseybeat, where Shelley played PC Miriam Da Silva. ‘I held the thing up to the camera and he saw two lines and went, “Wow!

Getting the part was a coup, but sadly, Terra Nova wasn’t a triumph. He even talked about trying to get a part on Home And Away. ”.’The first role she did take after the birth was Heading Out, which aired in February this year.

The sizeable budget makes it one of the most expensive shows in broadcasting history.

She will appear alongside Avatar star Stephen Lang and Irish-born actor James O’Mara, who played Sam Tyler in the US version of Life on Mars.

” Since her former on-screen girlfriend Anna Torv is also on a Fox show, I asked if a crossover could ever be possible, especially considering both shows have a fantasy-like element to their science fiction basis.“Wouldn’t it [be great]? “She sent me a lovely e-mail when she heard I got the role.‘In the script it was written that I’d be dressed in a classic red femme fatale dress, and I said “Oh, this is just too obvious”,’ she laughs, pulling a face. If something is obvious and it works, why rail against it?‘I started looking into other outfits I could wear and found this cool Victoria Beckham nude dress. ’You can see exactly why the producers would want to exploit her appeal.Two years later, Shelley scored a gig on the BBC show , Shelley will be playing quite a different role as a surgeon who goes back in time with her family to a prehistoric era where Earth was supposed to be better off than it would be in the future.“I’m a married lady with three kids in this one,” Shelley said at the Fox party for TCA this week.“So unless it goes completely off the wall, you’d have to talk to the writers about that.And it turns out she’s not protesting too much about always being typecast as the sultry one. He came to Australia, got me up the duff then disappeared!


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